Driving Masters
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Edwin Howlett   1835-1914

You can read  a free addition of Howletts book on google books  click on the book

In 1866 Edwin Howlett settled in a riding school in Paris with 10 horses and seven cars.  Ten years later, the horses will be 60 cars and 3 coaches.

All the gilded youth of Paris, dukes, earls and barons took lessons from the master of which include student Donatien Levesque, Beno von Achenbach, Fairman Rogers. The list of clients is included in his book "Driving lessons". which  he published in 1894

He could teach in English, French, German and Italian, which gave him a beautiful Mixture  of foreign customers. It is said that  In one year he gave lessons to 1200 students in the art of coupling the four .

   Here's what  Donatien Levesque in his book, "Great guides," said regarding the lessons of E. Howlett:

His ability to drive is very large and his way of teaching so precise, so clear and so sweet that none of the many teachers who instructed me to let me do as pleasant memories. In some lessons, for which he provides the team, it gives you the principles that we can not invent yourself by the longest practice and lacks many drivers of individual abilities unquestionable. "

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